Saturday, 19 February 2011

More goodies

This is the last of my corn for this season. Most of them were a bit too starchy as they were left too late. Only the one in the bottom right hand corner was sweet.
And here is another picture of eatable goodness picked over the last few days.
I also have a few chooks. That is why the eggs are in the picture.(more about them later).

I also try and preserve what I can, for future eating.

My favourite.

I love growing as much of my own produce as possible. This isn't about saving the world or anything like that, even though it all helps.  I just like to grow stuff to eat.

I'll start with a picture of a recent harvest. My favourite thing to grow.


I hope to keep updating as much as possible. Most of this summers harvest is done, but I should get a few more tomatoes.