Monday, 14 March 2011

Busy day

It has been a busy day in the yard today. Picked 95% of all the tomatoes. There are 2 more plants left that should get pulled out tomorrow.

The cherry tomatoes took a long time to pick as there were so many of them. Have a look at this plant.
I think I picked about 150 cherry tomatoes of it.

More potatoes were dug up for dinner as I forgot to get some at the store. I was secretly happy I forgot the store ones as these ones taste so much better.

All these delicious veggies were cooked with our dinner tonight.

And finally a picture of everything harvested today. I will really miss my tomatoes when they are all gone. At least there is always next season.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Getting hotter

I didn't have much chance to do all I needed to do in the yard today. At least the chillies in the earlier pictures have been prepared.
All the Naga's, Goatsweed, seven pots and serannos were cut up and placed on a tray in the kitchen to dry.

The Cayenne and Thai's were hung up to dry.

They will come in handy in the coming months.

Lots of Chillies

I have mentioned previously that I grow chillies. This year I did not grow too many varieties and some of the plants have been carried over from last year or even further back.
Earlier this morning I picked most of the ripe ones.

Starting from the top row, left to right there is: Naga Morich, Cayenne, Large Cayenne, Goatsweed.
Bottom row: Seven pot, Thai, Serrano.
I'll be drying them and storing for use over the coming months.