Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Todays stuff

I promise this will be the absolute last picture freshly harvested of tomatoes for this season. I finally got a chance to pull the last two plants out late this afternoon. There are no more.

Surprisingly I still have a few more smallish cucumbers around. Every other year they would barely last till late February. I knew this and one more were about but I found about three more today. It was yummy to eat.

Of course there was a mini harvest for part of tonights dinner. The bulb is from a spring onion.

One of my 7 pot chilli plants. You may have noticed by now how much I like chillies.

And finally. The bug eaters were let out for their daily scrounge. I know they found lot of yummy things to eat.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Slowing down

The days are moving fast and the summer produce is starting to slow down. The tomato plants are all gone. We are still eating tomatoes though as I let the green ones ripen up. Not long before they are all gone as well and I will be waiting impatiently for next season.

There are still mini harvests going on and every main meal of the day that is cooked will have something from the garden in it.

This lot were used in a chilled couscous salad yesterday. Not sure what the mini capsicums are due to my poor record keeping skills but they are sweet.

Today I pulled the rest of the carrots. I do not seem to have much luck with them every year. They were cooked with the beans of which there are still plenty of in a garlic, butter, olive oil and sesame seed mix. And had with tonights dinner. The taste can not be compared with what is purchased at the store.