Saturday, 5 March 2011


The tomato season is slowly coming to a close. I've pulled out a couple of more plants today and will probably continue tomorrow pending time. As you can see these plants are fast retiring for the season. The plant below is a Surrey Cross. It was donated to me as a seedling by a kindly grower. One thing about this plant, it produced masses of tomatoes.

Another big producer pictured below was this Koenig Humbert. I have two of these plants and estimate that I got 15 - 20 kg per plant. This one produces Roma shaped tomatoes but are smaller than regular Romas. Once again this was donated by the same grower mentioned above.

And this Sweetie Cherry plant. There was two of these as well. There's that rogue pumpkin again.

I Picked this lot this morning. As mentioned previously I don't think I will make any green tomato pickles this year. Hmmmm......see how I go for time tomorrow.

And a picture of what was used for salads at last nights dinner. The orange peppers were cooked on the BBQ. The only thing not grown in the garden in this picture is the onion.

Friday, 4 March 2011


I try and grow as many herbs as possible around the place. I took these pictures a few days back to post. Herbs are beneficial apparently. Oh, they also add lot of flavour to different dishes.
Nothing much to see here, just pictures of green scrumptious plants.





Parsley (Flat leand and Curly)



Thyme (this one is lemon)

Lemon Balm

I hope I got them all.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Old Friends

Heard from old friends yesterday and they ended up coming around for dinner. It was good to catch up as it has been a couple of years.
My, how some people have grown.

I warned them before they came over that I would be busy all afternoon in the yard as I had a lot to catch up on.
I am now at the pulling plants out stage. Cleaning of all the ripe and green tomatoes. Not sure if I will make green tomato pickles this year. Made it last year and it was a huge success with everyone that got a jar. We are not big eaters of it. I can assure you it is delicious. Just that eight 600ml Fowlers jars can get a bit much.
Pulled about five plants out and harvested a lot more ripe fruit from a few others. I know that when I made my first post I said that most of my tomato harvesting was done but I have once again underestimated.
Lots of peppers coming on that should last a few more weeks and one lonesome dried up corn that I had totally missed. I'm toying with the idea of drying it and trying to make popcorn. It may not be the right variety but what the heck.

Had a bumper cucumber crop this year. Best ever, and there are still more to come. Also still have a few potatoes hiding around the place.

And of course some eggs from my lovely girls. The chooks.
As you can see there will be more tomato salsa making in the next couple of days.
Brandywine alert bottom left hand corner.

After having a great time catching up all afternoon and having a nice dinner, old friends departed with a big bag of home grown produce. I know they will enjoy it.