Saturday, 12 March 2011


I was having a conversation before and someone said to me.
"It all started when I had a small piece of beef I needed to use up in the fridge, then I looked up and saw the egg compartment was full".

Changing the pace today. I have got to warn you. Do not ever start making your own pasta and gnocchi or befriend anyone that does.
This stuff is more than addictive!

Fresh gnocchi in a butter sauce is heavenly and fresh pasta is a gift.
So it was extra large ravioli stuffed with beef that was slow roasted in left over tomato sauce, and the other half was stuffed with capsicum and feta cheese.

Sunday, 6 March 2011


Very busy day in the yard again today. Still did not get a chance to pull out any more tomatoes, or make any green tomato pickle.

Beans were picked for dinner.

Then prepared.

More of the potato patch was dug up.

Somehow there was a break in to the herb patch by interested parties. 
Not once but twice.

Of course I ate some tomatoes.

Then I noticed that the hops plant had produced some hops.
Not much smell coming of the hops yet. Perhaps they are not ready yet.

And finally.
The guardian of the hops. I have had plenty of these around during the summer months. I think it is an orb weaver but am not sure.

Another angle

..of the yard. This is down one side looking towards the main veggie patch. As you can see it is rather out of control and there will be a lot of work needed in the next couple of weekends.
In the foreground are the butternut pumpkins and you can see the rogue pumpkin rambling everywhere in the background and sides.
I'm heading out now to start a few chores. Got to mow the lawn as it is really overgrown. Yes I do have some lawn in the yard, but not by choice. If I had my own way I would be growing edibles everywhere.