Friday, 5 August 2011

Slim pickings

It is the first week of the last month of winter here and i want to clear the patch up and start preparing it for the coming summer.
That means tomatoes. Lots of them hopefully. I am already salivating at the thought of fresh home grown varieties.
I'm starting to clear the patch out and hope to have it cleared and piled up with manure in the next two weekends. What I plan and what actually happens is not always the same, so I'm going to try my hardest.

Here is todays small harvest. Nearly all the broccoli and some snow peas. I pulled one of the carrots to see how they are going and they seem ok. There was a couple of stray potato plants in amongst the snow peas and when I pulled this one there were these two tiny spuds attached to it.

No escape for the baby potatoes. In the pot they go for tonights dinner.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

We are having a bit of a warm spell here at the moment. The weather bureau has warned us that it will not last.
I've been harvesting some winter veggies but have slacked of and not posted pictures of them all.

I got a nice load of chicken manure delivered for the veggie beds. I would prefer sheep manure but I cannot get it and the chicken poo has served me well for the last two years.

This was the first endive harvest a couple of weeks ago. I love these.

The first cauliflower was picked last weekend along with some more broccoli.

And todays lot. Another cauli, broccoli and a few snow peas. Oh look, a stray pepper. Not sure which plant that came from as the Mrs did the harvesting.

I don't think there will be any Brussels sprouts at the moment but time will tell.