Saturday, 5 March 2011


The tomato season is slowly coming to a close. I've pulled out a couple of more plants today and will probably continue tomorrow pending time. As you can see these plants are fast retiring for the season. The plant below is a Surrey Cross. It was donated to me as a seedling by a kindly grower. One thing about this plant, it produced masses of tomatoes.

Another big producer pictured below was this Koenig Humbert. I have two of these plants and estimate that I got 15 - 20 kg per plant. This one produces Roma shaped tomatoes but are smaller than regular Romas. Once again this was donated by the same grower mentioned above.

And this Sweetie Cherry plant. There was two of these as well. There's that rogue pumpkin again.

I Picked this lot this morning. As mentioned previously I don't think I will make any green tomato pickles this year. Hmmmm......see how I go for time tomorrow.

And a picture of what was used for salads at last nights dinner. The orange peppers were cooked on the BBQ. The only thing not grown in the garden in this picture is the onion.


  1. Just found your blog Gnol. You are doing a great job...very informative posts.

  2. Thanks Dee.
    I am hoping to keep a record of whats happening in the yard on here as well as sharing my experiences with others.