Sunday, 28 August 2011

Another lovely day here and a lot of work got done again.
I really should have taken the before shot of the patch out the front but I was focused on weeding it in good time. This is where some artichokes, rhubarb, African basil, sage, nasturtiums, bamboo, hops and some barley alive passion fruit  are growing. I think that is all.

The weeds were out of control. About eleven  twenty litre buckets and three hours later there was some semblance of a veggie patch.

If you look closely you can see blue snail pellets. Shock , horror...yes I do use stuff like that when I have to.
Now may be a good time to mention that in the last two to three weeks I have personally crushed about 2-300 hundred snails.
It seems I have had an infestation of sorts and I really need to eliminate them as much as possible. Since I cannot use snail pellets in the back yard due to our animals I have to seek them out and squash them.
Clearing out the front patch today I squashed another fifty or sixty of them.
The only animal that is smart enough to not eat the pellets is the cat. Cat is also an excellent mouser.
The dog (story for another day) and the chickens are gutses and will eat a lot of things they should not.

Early in the morning my wonderful wife used up the remainder of spinach from last weekend.
Some spinach and ricotta rolls with home made flaky pastry were prepared.
They made a great lunch.

Here they are before they were cooked.

Cooked and nearly ready to eat.

The main patch has two cauliflowers, carrots, leeks, lettuce and silver beet left in it.

The garlic is still going ok. I hope to harvest a few bulbs in the next couple of months.

And the two types of parsley that are always growing next to the oregano and mint are still providing us with this much loved herb.

Finally..after all that green is a picture of a chilli plant that has been alive over winter. As you can see there are  still a few fruit on it. Not sure of it's name but there is a medium heat to the fruit.

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