Sunday, 21 August 2011

Warm winter day

It has been a busy weekend here. The weather has been marvellous. And a lot got done today.

Before I proceed any further I have to tell you that after looking at today's photos I noticed there was a smudge on the lens. So these pics are a bit blurry in the bottom right hand corner.

I cleaned up a lot of the winter produce today. Once again I have not had any luck with the Brussels sprouts.
They seem to open like a flower instead of staying firm. I ended up pulling them out. One day I hope to grow great Brussels sprouts.

I harvested all of the spinach. Looks like a lot but once it was cleaned up I would estiamte that there was about a 25% loss.

Half of it was blanched and frozen and the other half got used to make spinach and ricotta ravioli, which will be cooked for tomorrow nights dinner.

Which reminds me of the pasta that was made yesterday. Have a look at this. My great grandmother would be proud. Nice thick slices of pasta. when I asked what sort of pasta it is I got told "el thicko". That is good enough for me.
This was eaten with a mushroom sauce and as I have mentioned in a previous post, beware if you can get a steady supply of this stuff. It is addictive.
I should mention here that I am not the cook in the house so I cannot take credit for this. All hail my beautiful pasta making wife.

All of the snow peas were picked and the plants removed. it has not been a good snow pea season. Along with the last broccoli plant some carrots and silver beet. 

Oh. There were also a  few Jimmy Nardello peppers. This plant is still producing. The peppers are very small. But it has been producing all winter. I will probably try and over winter it.

All cooked for tonight's dinner. Vegetarian stir fry. I did want chilli in it and was told no. Oh well.

I should also add that I did start the seed sowing last weekend. Mainly tomatoes, peppers and chillies at this stage. I'll post about my tomato list in the coming weeks.

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