Wednesday, 22 February 2012

If anyone has been wondering what's happened to all the tomatoes don't worry. There have been quite a few. They are after all my favourite. I've been bad and not posted in a long while.
Other commitments are keeping me very busy.

So here are some photos of the last few weeks.

15 January harvest.

21 January harvest. A couple there are eaten by birds. First time I've had bird problems.

23 January harvest.

21 January harvest.

17 January Harvest

8 February harvest

4 Feb harvest

Variety of harvest January

There has been quite a few more but I'm sure you can see I've been very busy.

My Largest this year. Not that I grow for size but I was impressed. A KBX.

A big Oxheart. Over 500gm.

A big Oxheart.

I'll try and update more often though things are slowing down now.

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