Sunday, 3 March 2013


Lots of time has passed since my last post and I have been very busy growing, eating and making sauce out of lots and lots of luscious tomatoes.

I did say in my first post that they are my favourite and I am happy for the lycopene overdose.

They started coming on in early February this year. A late season for me.




Tomato goodness.

Some Chilli sauces were made. Before things got hectic.

Grizzly F3

Chocolate stripes



Even some of the chooks enjoyed a few.

Even got my largest ever. A Tennessee Britches.
Not the tastiest but still good enough.

This one is a beauty. Some seed was given to me last year and it was called Greek Witness due to it being unknown what the variety is. I grew one plant that got about 4 tomatoes last year but this is the result of saved seed by me. Big beautiful beefsteaks with very few seeds.

Sacrifice for sauce.

Just before we made the sauce.
That is the chilli sauce in the background.

First batch of passata.

And they kept coming.

Unknown self sown.

One of my best this season.

This is one of my dwarfs but not sure which one as I mixed the labels up.

Unknown beefsteak I grow every year because it is so good.
Big and tasty.

1st of march harvest.

Them more sauce making with the previous weeks harvest.

Goodbye Chocolate stripes

Lastly I have todays harvest.
Top left hand corner you can see the Mayos delight with the blossom end rot. 

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