Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Picked a nice variety of chillies and peppers today. Most of these will be given away tomorrow.
I will hopefully make some sauce this coming weekend with the remainder that are on the plants.
I do have an unknown one in this bunch. It was supposed to be a 7 pot but what i think has happened is that it has cross bred. It does not surprise me as chillies and capsicums apparently cross very easily.

Below is todays pickings.
Top left is Naga Morich, top right 7 pot. In the middle is Thai. bottom left is the unknown ones and bottom right are the sweet capsicum looking peppers.
Due to my poor record keeping skills I do not know what variety the orange ones are. But I have kept seed as it is a good producer.

And a close up of the unknown one on the right and the 7 pot on the left. as you can see there is quite a difference. 

Update on taste test of the unknown one. One of them was cut in half and a taste test conducted. It is very worthy of an ultra hot chilli status, whatever it is. I'm hoping it is a 7 pot, Naga cross but I have no way of knowing.

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