Sunday, 24 April 2011

Long weekend

We are enjoying the Easter long weekend here now and I am trying to catch up with the garden chores.
Growing stuff to eat always keeps you busy.

Yesterday I picked some more beans as I cleared about one third of the beans up. These are now not as crispy fresh as when they are younger but still make good eating nevertheless.

The beans that have dried out on the plant are saved so they can be eaten at a later date. These are Blue Lake variety and I'm not even sure if they are any good dried. I will find out I suppose, and they seem pretty good for drying anyway. I am not the biggest fan of dried bean dishes and I eat them here or there. Added to soup they should be ok. Maybe some baked beans.


The brassicas that I planted a while ago are doing ok.

Capsicums and hot peppers are still growing in the main patch. Soon they will have to be taken out. I may try and over-winter the Hungarian hot wax in amongst them. You can see the baby spinach in the forefront center.

And finally two pumpkins of an unknown variety. I'm waiting for them to mature a bit more before they are harvested.

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