Thursday, 28 April 2011

Late April days

It is mid autumn here and as many years before us the weather has been divine for this time of the year.. Typical sunny days and cooler nights.
I'm waiting for the winter veggies to grow and that will be some time away.

Bees are still enjoying whatever flowers they can find in the sunshine. In this case it is an African blue basil plant. It is great having this plant around as we can get fresh basil all year round.

The spinach is starting to come on.

As is the silver beet.

Our beautiful chickens continue to provide us with fresh eggs. Some very nice pasta was made yesterday. I was not quick enough to take a picture of it before it was turned into the most scrumptious pasta bake. The baby pumpkins are from another self sown plant that was very late producing so it got pulled out.

And here are the girls on another one of their free range forays. You can also see here another one of the self sown pumpkins. The kind posters at Ozgrow have identified it as a Jarradahle.

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