Sunday, 8 May 2011

Not too much happening this time of the year in the garden.
The asparagus ferns were cut down and cleaned up. Here's hoping that there is some good eating in a few months time. This is about the fourth year they have been growing so production is expected.

Most of the garlic has also popped up as well.

I harvested the smaller of the pumpkins  as we needed a good variety veges for our roast. The vine had died right of. Actually I'm sure that I have mentioned in an earlier post how the vine for this one was cut accidently. Nevertheless it still took weeks for the vine to totally die down.

The first thing I noticed when it was finally cut open was the smell. It was a beautiful fresh smell that I have never before smelt.

It was great to get such a bright colour on a late autumn day. Once it was finally cooked it also tasted really good.
I believe there is pumpkin soup on the menu tomorrow night. Not the biggest fan of this soup but always have at least one bowl when prepared previously.

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