Sunday, 26 June 2011

Winter is moving along and the short days are not so cold at the moment.
It has been a nice and sunny weekend here for us. Most of the winter stuff is growing ok. Apart from the snow peas which are unfortunately trying to grow under a gum tree. There will be a harvest but not as much as previous years.

The broccoli is heading up and I am sure I will get a few cauliflowers but am still not sure about the Brussel sprouts. I have not had success yet with sprouts so I will keep nurturing those plants along in hope of some edible goodness in the near future.


Brassicas, spinach, silver beet top right and snow peas top left.

And who says you cannot grow chillies in winter.
These ones are still going strong from last summer.


And probably my favourite chilli. So versatile. Not too hot and great for drying.


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