Sunday, 10 July 2011

Rainy winter day

We are nearly half way through winter by the calendar and today was 54 seconds plus of daylight according to the time and date website. And tomorrow we get an extra 2 seconds on top of that. Hooray for the coming longer days and tomato season.

I did need to finish mowing the lawns this weekend but by the time I was ready to start in the early afternoon the rain was coming down soaking everything. So I occupied myself with weeding in the main veggie patch. Not my favourite past time but it needs to be done.

Some of the broccoli was ready today. A couple of the cauliflowers are about golf ball size and the Brussels sprouts are tiny.

It was picked for tonight's dinner.

The garlic is coming along ok.

And there is still a few Jimmy Nardello Peppers hanging around.

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