Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Eight more days....

and summer is here.
I'm looking forward to some warmer weather as our spring has been rather cool. Not too unusual for us as it can go either way in our part of the world.
Anyway....I have not been well hence the lack of posts. That and my trusty camera died and I a having to use two other ones that I am not too happy with. So some of the pictures are not the best.

Onto the greenery.
My basil patch this year is looking like last years one. It was a hard slog getting basil to germinate in this patch and it's looking the same again. Stay tuned in the next couple of months for lush green basil plants. (I hope).

Where's the basil?

Some new Swiss Chard. That's a fancy way of saying silver beet, and some fresh endives next to the ever expanding potatoes. Also some leeks and cucumbers.

The main potato patch.

The main Tomato patch.
Still need to post up my final list.

I have four different kinds of dwarf tomatoes growing. Three varieties are in pot like this one and one is in the ground.

Egg plants.

Butter nut Pumpkins and capsicums. the pumpkin vines will be trained to grow the other way. That's the plan anyway.

And finally some cantaloupe plants. Here's hoping there is a harvest this year.

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