Friday, 21 October 2011

Have not posted for a few weeks.
Some picture might say a lot more than I can right now.

Tomato seedlings about 3 weeks ago.

Nearly all of the remaining tomato seedlings as of today. A lot will get given away.

The last of the carrots got picked about a week ago. The season was not too bad.

The asparagus has been steady but unfortunately there is not enough of it.

Got an artichoke harvest.

Roasted in the oven and served with a shoulder of lamb.

I have not had much success with capsicum germination this year, just a few so far and very late. So I had to use store purchased peppers and capsicums.

The main vege patch. Potatoes on the left and plenty of tomatoes on the right. I have planted 20 plants and will be planting a few more. Leeks can be seen as well.

Some non related yard shots. 
Home made dumplings for home-made wonton soup. 

Then someone had the bight idea of frying them. It was all over at that stage.
I ate about 3 times what is seen in the below picture.

And finally. Taking a walk on a windy plain.

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