Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I grew some butternuts for the first time this year. Actually it is the first time I have tried to grow pumpkins in my short time I have been gardening.
I put in 6 seedlings I grew from seed and I have been rewarded with 6 butternut pumpkins. I'm not sure if each plant produced one or if two grew on the one plant. These things can ramble in the garden.
One was taken by someone and cooked in the oven with a roast before I could take a picture.
I can assure you it was absolutely delicious.
If I had the room I would grow lots of pumpkins. It has crossed my mind to grow them across the lawn in the front yard next season. I think I may as it would be fantastic to get a stockpile of yummy pumpkins.
As mentioned in a previous post there have also been a couple of self sown pumpkin plants this year. Gigantically flowing ramblers they are and have had to be checked a few times as they tend to grow over/into anything in their path. This part of it is covering a lot of chillies in pots.

At least the rambler has finally produced something. Two of them this size. Maybe more, It is still very overgrown in some parts of the vege garden and surprises pop up every now and then.

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