Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Time of the essence when the crop comes in fast. Harvest at the right time and the rewards are great. I really had to rush around earlier this evening harvesting this lot. As you can see they are ready to be eaten. As I will be very busy the next two to three days it had be done immediately or there was the risk of loss. It is very bad losing any part of your crop after months of hard work.
This is most of what I harvested today. There are about 7 different varieties in this photo. Way too much for us to eat in the next few days. So about half of it was blended up to be prepared for freezing tomorrow.

Brandywine alert bottom left hand corner in the above photo. Top left hand corner in the photo below.

I quickly cleaned and chopped the ones to be blended.

I believe this one is a Red Pear.

The Brandywine did not escape but was munched away. Here it is below.

And finally ended up with a lot of tomato goodness for processing tomorrow morning.
As you can see I really love tomatoes.

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